Below is a list of resources available for ICT PD Cluster leaders/facilitators.
Examples of student voice/e-stories - resources to support dialogue.

Best Evidence Synthesis

ICT PD module that looks in-depth at three key readings around professional development with guiding questions and interactive activities that they can participate with.

This space looks at the role of facilitators of learning within a school with practical ideas on how to develop the capabilities of staff within a school.

http://leadingict.wikispaces. com
This is a wiki that Suzy Vesper has developed to support ICT lead teachers in schools. It looks at the importance of strategic planning and has other tips (some content was used in the module above) 18407934/ICT-PD-Cluster- SelfAssessment-Rubric-2009
National Facilitators developed a rubric for clusters to use that looks at what needs to be in place within a school and cluster for effective PD to take place. We have broken each area down into five levels. homegroups#Addressing_common_ trends
This is a page on Tessa Gray's Netvibes portal where she has collected some useful resources