Monday 1st February 2010 - Congratulations to our Chrissy Ngerengere who will take on the .4 Facilitators position for our Ruapani Cluster. We also welcome Melissa Mackey to our ICT team. We have the Learning@Schools Conference coming up in Rotorua this month as well. lets look at getting our SMART Goals up whanau.

2nd Feb 2011 - Nga Mihi ki a koe Sammy for all your input and the many resources and skills you shared with our Kura. You will be missed and I now have a big challenge up ahead. Thanks Whanau, We will need to look at adding our reflection diaries on our school page for evidence in our milestone this term. We will look at 5mins each staff hui to add input.
Na Chrissy
Tuesday 23rd Nov - Another great day with Sammi and the Ruapani LTT. She will be a great loss to the cluster but what she has given to support us all in this journey has been invaluable and we wish her well in her future endeavours. Be prepared to be a lot more active in posting our 'Reflective Journals' in 2011. Let us all chronicle our learning journey, let us all have SMART goals that truly challenge our comfort zones.
Check out this link below - I think its very pertinent to our current discussions regarding the NZC/Marau development;
Check out the link below to find indepth definitions of the six tenets of Digital Citizenship

Manutuke Wikispaces - Te Reo Rua

Manutuke Wikispaces - Syndicate A

Tuesday 26th October.

Staff Hui - 'I Can Animate'
Video: Lee Crockett
Does it ever feel like our society is always in fast-forward? Are you frustrated by the experience of technologies becoming obsolete almost immediately after they're introduced? Do you struggle just to grasp how quickly and relentlessly things are changing? Change is the law of life, and is absolutely necessary in our lives. Our world today is in a constant state of flux, transforming and ever-evolving. It's often difficult to understand where it all might be leadin

Tutu Session introducing the interface and basics of 'I Can Animate'

Koka Sam in facilitating I Can Animate with middle school students. Students now know how to work the Animation programmme and have completed storyboarding. Our goal was to learn how to create an animation. Our success criteria was
I will import my animation into the Movie Maker programme.I will add voice, transitions and credits to my animation through the Movie Maker Programme.I will save my Movie onto the desktop.

Tuesday 12th OctoberWe had a staff hui planned for today but half the staff were involved in other P.D. so we will catch up sometime this term. I have had a wonderful day with the gifted, creative and clever students from Manutuke. Our goal was to learn how to create an animation. Our success criteria wasI will complete a storyboard which includes setting, action and dialogue.I will navigate around the 'I Can Animate' interface and create a mini animation.I will save my mini animation.Homework for Koka Sams next visit is...To complete a storyboard and animation ready for importing into movie maker by the 26th October.Our Goal next visit:To create an animation movie with audio, transitions and upload to the Ruapani wikispaces.Thanks so much for sharing your students with me Manutuke.Manutuke -After School Workshop – Monday 20th September

10 Mins

10 Mins

10 mins

20 mins
  • In this entertaining and informative EDtalk, speaker, author and consultant Judith Baenen talks about five things that can keep educators from being the best they can be, and ways of overcoming them. These include the lack of achievable professional objectives, the conflict between teacher and student aspirations, and criticism of teachers.

Online Gaming - What do you think???

Objective: To provide feedback for the end of year milestone by revisiting the Development Plan as a staff and filling in the ICT PD Rubric

Reviewing the Development Plan

Managing your own SMART goals/Reflective Journals
Google Docs

Gathering Evidence/korero for the milestone and variation

Individual Self AssessmentICT PD Rubric - Syndicates -The 4 E's - Tony Ryan

|||| Manutuke -After School Workshop – Monday 16th August

Objective: To explore offline tools such as Movie Maker/Digital Art.

Multi Media- Movie Maker
Resources needed on the day:
-You will need 5-6 photos or video
-Movie maker downloaded

If you do not have Movie Maker - Please go to the following link
This link is in the content bar of our wiki -
Movie Maker

Creative Commons
Something to think about when sharing with Web2


Rachel Boyd - Fantastic Offline Art Ideas

If you know how to use Movie Maker - can you pair up with someone who is new to the program.
Hands on - Let's Make a Movie - this page can be accessed from

Movie Maker -'How to' - This link will also guide you through uploading onto your wiki
Creative Commons - A brief explanation

ICT PD - Handy Links that you can explore at your own leisure untill my next visit
Interface - A source of information:
Tips and Tricks
20 Things to do with a Flip Video p.24
Mini Conference – Homegrown Online Resource
ICT PD Newsletter – We’re in it!!!
Check out the survey about Creative Commons.
Digital Citizenship – Part 2
Another useful tool in upskilling with ‘Digital Citizenship’

Wikispaces to check out
Virtual Visits with ‘learning’
Freeware Interactive Educational Games
Handy Tools:
digital Stories
60 second book reviews online -

Manutuke -After School Workshop – Monday 14th June
This short presentation showing shifts and changes in technology and education over time.

Are you my teacher?
Link to the Digital Citizenship Wikispaces -

Digital Citizenship – A handy interactive tool for your classrooms

A helpful site filled with templates for lessons, interactive activities -

Copy the link into the space provided and generate your safe link

How can I make this look attractive on my page? - One example below
To make sure photos upload quickly onto a page they need to be resized to 150 pixels x 150 pixels. You can use an online editor or click on your photo if you have a P.C. and use the photo editor to change pixels.

Wikis – Ideas and trouble shooting ideas….
Freeware for interactive gaming - Te Reo and English

Sites to open up for video editing and uploading:

Monday 24th May
Manutuke Staff Hui
Manutuke Action Plan - Review Where are we(we will probably find we are alot further along than everyone thinks - small methodical steps achieve the best outcomes)
Understanding the 21st Century Learner
Sam - How are the Ruapani Cluster Schools using their Wikispaces - Sharing

Action Research - choose one of the 58 wikispaces from the link and in pairs investigate and share with everyone a way in which they are using their wikispaces.

Share this back and assemble a brainstorm/list of use with wikispaces within Manutuke and how does this reflect on the action plan.

Video - Digital Citizenship 10 Trends

Wednesday - 19th May
STEP 1 - This WIKI WALK THROUGH (CLICK ON HIGHLIGHT) will further help you understand what a wiki is, how they are different to blogs,
ideas for how to USE a wiki, benefits of using a wiki and decisions you need to make when planning your wiki. Na, Pare

Wiki Examples in Education
View more presentations from Suzie Vesper.
We talked about how using a wiki could be used or help make a difference in our classrooms. Check out this for ideas and possibilities.

Tuesday 18th May - Matua Pare
Looking at perhaps re-visiting our Smart Goals;
1. Are they realistic and achievable? Do we need to come back to these?
2. Eliminating Barriers - As a staff collective, knowing what these are; How can these be addressed?
3. Finding and Making the TIME

"The Mind is like a Parachute....It Needs 2 be OPEN it order to WORK"

Monday 17th May-
Manutuke Staff would like to work on the following;
- WHAT is a 'Wiki'?
- WHY 'Wiki's"
- HOW to Create a Wiki? 'Easy-Peasy Japa-Neasy PLEASY'?
- HOW? The Ways In Which We Can Use 'Wiki's" Within Our Classroom
- Developing OTHER Skills Please - E-Mail, Word Processing, Using Editors etc.

- Passwords for SO many things -
- Reliable and Consistent Access (Our Network Issues)

This entry is being made at our staff meeting-Pare

Monday 17th May 2010
Kia ora whanau; Here are a couple of literacy websites that may interest you; ALSO If you are still unsure about how to get started scroll down and READ - GETTING STARTED
Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide.
The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text.
You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes.
The images you create with Wordle are yours to use however you like. You can print them out, or save them to the Wordle gallery to share with your friends. (Could use this to introduce your children to a Topic - Visual/Oral Language)
This site provides a montage of pictures framed by the globe, on the theme of your choice.
Easy Peasy!


Getting Started
  • Click on the edit button above to put your own content on this page.
  • To invite new members, click on Manage Wiki and Invite People.
  • To change your wiki's colors or theme, click on Manage Wiki and Look and Feel.
  • To set who can view and edit your wiki, click on Manage Wiki and Permissions.

Need Help?

Click on the help link above to learn more about how to use your wiki. Na, Pare

Friday 30th April 30 minute kanohi ki te kanohi - Setting Smart Goals with each staff member.

|| Te Kura o Manutuke Staff Hui || Staff Hui 3.30 -4.30pm Resources: Paper/Stickies/Vivids || || 3.30pm|| Objective By the end of this session we will have: Unpacked page three of ‘Enabling the 21st Century Learner’ – Explanation of terms. Discussed and developed a SMART goal for your syndicate. Searched, found and stored freeware sites relevant to Te Kura o Manutuke Wikispaces – related to development goal. || || 3.35pm || Enabling the 21st Century Learner – founding document for the implementation of ICTPD Terms Used in ICT: Split into groups – 12 terms to unpack Shared with all staff Photograph charts - Sam || || 4pm || SMART Goals: Split into syndicate groups and develop SMART Goals. Handouts included Goals Shared – individual goal setting with Sam on Friday Photograph Goals – Sam|| || 4.20 || Goal in Manutuke Development Plan Independent Learning Centre – I.C.T. Searching for freeware – Lead tchrs to facilitate adding to wikispaces page. || || 4.30pm || Homework for next session: ‘Enabling the 21st Century Learner’ – Learning Resources and Materials Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity. TEDTalks is a daily video ... video:|| || || Video: The Fun Theory We believe that the easiest way to change people's behaviour for the better is by making it fun to do. We call it The fun theory. ||

Professional Reading - Na Trevor Bond

The Place of ICT in Learning and Teaching.

I hold the viewpoint that Information Communication Technology (ICT) comprises a range of tools and systems that can be utilised as a tool to help us improve our teaching and assist our pupils to learn better.

The focus should not be on how to teach pupils skills like word processing, spread sheets, Internet searching etc. Rather the primary focus should be on quality learning and teaching. The secondary focus will be on ways of using ICT as a tool to enhance learning and teaching.

As teachers we should be aiming to provide learning experiences for our pupils that ultimately lead them into the development of skills and attitudes that equip them to become independent lifelong learners, effective collaborators, efficient workers and capable communicators. I see ICT as a powerful learning tool that, in the hands of confident, capable and creative teachers, can greatly enhance many teaching and leaning situations.

ICT is not an educational solution or a magic fix.
My equation to explain the place of ICT in learning is PL + ICT = EPL.
Poor Learning + ICT = Expensive Poor Learning.
Integration of ICT into a poor learning experience or activity will never raise that activity to be quality learning. Quality learning experiences are generated by creative effective teachers and this has to be the start point. ICT is more akin to the salt or spice that a chef will utilise to add that extra savor to a great dish. The real magic in a quality learning experience comes not from boxes, wires and expensive digital equipment. The real magic comes from teachers who have high expectations, create relevant and challenging learning experiences, supported and scaffold pupils to success, and provide quality feedback for their pupils.

Kia ora whanau,
Welcome to our 'NEW' Manutuke wiki. Over time we will be looking at using this 'wiki' as an opportunity to organise and centralize our e-learning journey and feed into this which will become our 'Reflective Journal'; where we will be able to reflect upon our development and progress.Kia kaha, kia maia, kia toa!
Na Pare (2.3.10)