8 March 2011
Kia Ora from Koka Heni Waikawa, who is now the Bilingual teacher at Muriwai School. I am at Manutuke School doing professional development with Koka Chrissy Ngerengere. I am basically a beginner at this voice thread learning, but I find it exciting and quite refreshing. Today I am learning about voice thread and how to set up a new page for myself and the children. I have learned how to insert a photo and to add voice or print to the photos. A cool time of learning at Manutuke School.

Muriwai Wikispaces

ICT ki Manutuke

1 March 2010 - Manutuke Kura.

Just had a great day of learning at my first ICT wananga. It's been great hearing about all of the exciting korero from last week's conference in Rotorua. The greatest realisation for me today is that technology IS in our lives in every way, evolving every second - so why not teach through it? The you tube lesson on wikispaces was cleverly done and easy to understand, so will definitely get into having a 'tutu' with it (as Sam would say).

Today I learnt how to design and embed our heading on cool text, how to insert a photo and how to get tapping straight away!

GOALS: 1. Show Parekura, Fatu and Hadyn how to insert a photo and comment onto our wiki page. 2. Assist Parekura to insert his reflective notes from conference into the conferences link.
Parehuia Enari

10 March 2010 - at home Tutu:

Been exploring wikis with my kids at home. Still not doing what we'd like. Need to find some tutor vids or something. Still need to sit with some staff to insert their photos etc. Forgotten how to do the resizing picture thing, all my piks on my other wikis are too HUGE!??????????????? ParehuiaE

23 March 2010 - PD with Sam. Wiki Set up.

We had a cool afternoon setting up our kura wikipage! We set up our pages for Bilingual and Rumaki classes. We inserted link pages for each student then inserted a link from Hatea a Rangi's wiki to our pages (junior or senior kemu). Yay, had a refresher course on the photo resizing although it wont load here at kura :((((. Sam showed my where to find WIKI help dvd's. Yay. http://muriwaiwiki.wikispaces.com/

The objectives for the students apopo will be to: 1. Locate the kura wiki through the address window. 2. Find the link to their class list. 3. Locate their name and see what surprise they find.

We set our future PD sessions for next term and the kaupapa for each: Our first session will be learning (with the kids) how to PIMP our pages! Looking forward to it. Oh and thats not all...We did all of this on our NEW promethean Activboards. Can't wait for the laptop...hehe!

24-26 March 2010 - Wiki Tutu with my class.

24th. Connor spent half an hour this morning helping Ihipera (from rumaki class) to set up their classes wiki page (inserting links to names and inserting junior/senior kemu). YAY, he loves it. She got it sorted really quickly.

Class lesson: I wrote on the whiteboard the address to our wiki and gave them the 3 instructions above. The kids were paired up with each other.

Observations: Most of the kids stopped at the kemu page and wouldn't go any further without my next instruction. Seniors - some couldnt be bothered reading the links to explore and investigate what the SURPRISE might be! So, they missed out! A small percentage went right ahead to the point where they were asking me for passwords to write their names in COOL TEXT, I didn't even tell them anything about that! Through their excitement, they caused some curiosity and now, most of the kids have their names posted in cool text. Others who did explore the links kept linking through to many other sites that weren't on the original. Exciting. They can't wait to learn how to pimp their pages. I did mention 'glogster' to some who have already gone to have a look, who knows... they might beat us to it! (I hope so).

PS: It was really cool to use the activboard to demonstrate and direct the kids while they were on their computers.

LEAD TEACHER GOALS (from 1st March). Sorry these are not achieved yet, our staff have been full on in other places (courses etc), but I figured that the kids are doing a great job carrying that flag for them at the moment...Lol. Will reset and move the post to next term.

30th March 2010 - Lead Teachers Hui (Whatatutu)
As the terms get on, we need to set some specific goals with our kura in order to keep on track with our ICT progress. Keep up the reflective notes on our wiki pages so that the milestone reports for our management team will be easier.
1. specific 2. measurable 3. attainable (agreed upon) 4. realistic 5. timely

A really good time of exploring different links and info to learn more about wikis. Everyone shared what they've done with their wikis, goals and where to next. Very inspiring! Koka Chrissy has the cool stuff on hers...no I'm not jealous!
Today we investigated...uploading logos, changing themes and colours, inserting counters, inserting video clips, setting up photo shows.
YOU TUbe videos: Set up your own account. Choose file to upload. Privacy= Private. I need to be the owner of using YOU TUBE, not the kids. Upload the videos. Copy html address into the tv widget then save onto the wiki.

My personal GOALS:
1. Google Docs set up and session with Parekura, Hadyn, Fatu, Kymmy.
2. Skype set up for whole kura. (Office, Bilingual, Rumaki)
3. Complete 1st March goals. (Staff photos, comments)
4. Sort out internet agreement doc. :)
Term 2 goals in class:
Pimp the kura and kids pages. Get the kids to start blogging on their page.

Muriwai staff are a dynamaic team of highly experienced individuals.

Starting off at half back [team manager] - Hadyn Pomana.
Hadyn possess the skill of passing both ways [communicating to community and staff, bridging the gap]. She has a good sense of the flow of the game allowing her to make game breaking calls when needed [high initiation of things administrative and pertaining to students]

First Five and Captain - Parekura Brown.
As do most first fives Parekura directs the team about the paddock [direction of curriculum and pedagogies within the school]. He possess a great chip kick and Campese step in the area of history and whakapapa in regards to the local area and children. This brings a great advantage to the team in terms of depth.Morals and ethics do matter to him and so the team looks to when with high standards.

Second Five - Parehuia Enari.
A steady second five prepared to crash the ball up the guts or make the hard calls when it comes to the crunch.If you are about learning you want a second five like this. Tackles issues with the powerful tackle. SENCO and staff rep on the board calls for endurance.

Centers Kymmy Stephens and Falefatu Enari
Both players are used as impact players for the side doing two days a week.
Kymmy in Rumaki brings the depth of experience needed for the junior school but also possesses a mean step in the area of music. This not only adds to the curriculum strenght but builds a great team atmosphere.
Falefatu in the bilingual class covers the physical game. Not much of a step on him but more the up the guts approach.Ensures team nis healthy and competitive with a focus.
Keeping the focus on fun .

Wingers Francie May and Chiquita Moeke
Both players bring huge experience to the paddock. Both capable of game winning play making and are able to make the call when needed. They are the highest try scorers on the team in terms of sorting things out and calling it as it is. Valuable team members.

Utility Player - Jack Moeke
Known as uncle to the students Jack brings his specialist skills of elite performance to the team. Yet to hit his straps as new to the team there is a sense of you ain't seen nothing yet from this exciting team member.

Wednesday 19th May, 2010

Staff Training - Parekura and Hadyn.

1. Google Docs in Plain English.
2. Wikis in Plain English.
3. Journey through kura wiki using kids pages.

19/05/2010 - Hadyn Pomana
Ahhhh, reflecting on my training session with Koka Parehuia today. All I can say is AWESOME!!!!!!! very clever easy to understand demonstrations on wiki pages and google docs, and a look around our Muriwai School wiki page. I am excited and inspired to be a prt of this wonderful ICT adventure, and I cant wait to pretty up my wiki page! Now that I have the tools to communicate via the e-waves, watch this space! And I mean literally lol! Ka pai Koka Parehuia! You rock!

Wednesday 16th June, 2010

Staff Training - Parekura and Hadyn.

1. Did you know DVD.
2. Cooltext Names.
3. Insert photo.
4. Smart Goals DVD.
5. Set smart goals with each staff member.

Had another amazing training session with Koka Parehuia. Alot of food for thought came from her presentation on IT and the world today. Motivated me to embrace technology for my whanau and children even more. We are in the Information age, and I love it!
I also learnt how to do a logo for my name. That was very cool, and easy once Koka showed me how! My next goal is to learn how to add a Glogster onto my page. I will ask Te Ariki to show me how, as he has an awesome one on his page. How cool is that, that I can ask my six year old! Watch this space, I hope to have one up by the end of next week. P.S - I posted our wiki pages address on my facebook page, so look out for the hits button to go crazy!
Have a wonderful weekend everybody!!!!!
Nga Mihi, Koka Hadz...

Thursday 24th June
Staff Training - Parekura

1. You Tube- A brief history of technology in education
2. You Can't Be my Teacher
3. Discussion: How are we going with our smart goals? do we need any help?
Reflective feedback on today's DVD's.

Wednesday 3rd August
Parehuia and I met to revisit the Muriwai strategic plan today. We have identified how I can help implement e-learning and fufill my role as a facilitator. I will be taking 2 'I Can Animate' workshops with students.The dates are listed below. Thanks to you and your Whanau for welcoming me into your beautiful whare yesterday Parehuia.
Monday 23rd August - 10 am - 3pm
Monday 13th September - 10am - 3pm

I look forward to seeing you all then.
Naku iti nei
Monday 23rd August

Today students of Muriwai worked with the 'I Can Animate' and 'Movie Maker' software and produced the Animation and Movie below. We need to do a bit more work on our animation but what a good day's work.He mihi nui tenei ki nga tamariki ataahua o Muriwai

Naku iti nei Koka Samantha(ict facilitator)

Wednesday 22 September 2010.
Staff PD - Melody Craw

1. Update on Lead Teachers ICT work in class.
2. Introduction to E-tap
- accessing the site using special password
- orientation around site and its features
- data input demonstration reading term 3.
- demonstrate sending messages to help desk.