Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Nga Uri a Maui
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Nga Uri a Maui Wikispaces - Click Here

Friday 2nd July

Nga Uri a Maui Staff Hui

Today we set up a Nga Uri a Maui wikispaces. There are still some problems with internet connectivity which proved to be very fustrating. However we did manage to produce a wikispace with a link to each classroom. The next term of learning will be based around digital citizenship and content. Looking forward to that.

A few concerns about Smart Goals being shared on the www. so we will put them on a private google document. - Easily solved


Nga Uri a Maui Action Plan - Review Where are we(we will probably find we are alot further along than everyone thinks - small methodical steps achieve the best outcomes)


Understanding the 21st Century Learner
Video: http://ictpd-digital-citizenship-and-cybersafety.wikispaces.com/Understanding+today%27s+students


Sam - How are the Ruapani Cluster Schools using their Wikispaces - Sharing



Action Research - choose one of the 58 wikispaces from the link and in pairs investigate and share with everyone a way in which they are using their wikispaces.

Share this back and assemble a brainstorm/list of use with wikispaces within Manutuke and how does this reflect on the action plan.

Video - Digital Citizenship 10 Trends

Raapa 19 o Haratua
Ruapani Cluster ICTPD with Sam at the Wananga: Good day working on Wikispace and revisit Milestone Report.

Ratu 18 o Haratua
In staff meeting a suggestion was that the school could purchase a mobile board as an alternative to 2 permanent. Jonette and Piripi are able to use the Promethean software in akomanga Pipi Paopao 2 Monday mornings while they are away swimming at Elgin, until the school is able to purchase active boards for their classroom. Other classrooms have offered thier boards when they are available.
Monday 17th May
One hour hui with Jonette and Piripi walking through Promethean software. They don't have boards in their rooms but are keen to become familiar with the programme. We thought that they could design a Unit around the board and organise a time to use their mates boards in other classrooms. It will be interesting to see how that develops,

Tuesday 11th May
3-4pm - Staff Hui - 12-2.30 SMART Goals - Sammi
Understanding todays students
Monitoring your own journey
Ideas for wikispaces
Proactive P.D.Learning Circles - How can you facilitate your own ICT PD
Digital Footprint and Citizenship
Ruapani wikispaces - How can I use this??
click on the links below to check out sites we visited today.

Why are we doing this? - video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_A-ZVCjfWf8
SMART GOALS - Dates for next time I come:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmOS3dj9h0s
Ideas for wikispaces - Above - http://ruapani2010.wikispaces.com/Facilitator+Hui
Revisit the action plan for ICT - Where are we?
Proactive P.D. - http://centre4.core-ed.net/modules/page/page.php?space_key=382&module_key=82197&link_key=55698&group_key=0
Learning Circles - Proactive choices about who can help you within your kura with P.D./ I.C.T. skills
Video - Digital Footprint - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79IYZVYIVLA
Using this page as a resource.

National Goal 4 for the ICTPD Contract - Te Roopu Ruapani Cluster Evidence:
Term 2-Week 2 Whanau Hui 6:00pm met to discuss Marau and Te Ahuatanga o te Akonga.
  • Koka Tui wrote whanau's whakaaro on to paper.
  • Minutes were written for the hui
Week 3: The following week the whanau input was discussed at Staff hui.
  • discussed how whanau's whakaaro fit into Te Aho Matua
Week 4: Monday 9 May, Koka Maria facilitated the next whanau hui.
  • The activ board was used for the whanau to read english translation of Te Aho Matua.
  • photos below were taken at the second whanau hui.
Koka Maria facilitating whanau hui
Promethian Board in akomanga Pipi Paopao 2

Papa Anzac and Matua Drummond