Te timatanga o te Arawhata ki te matauranga He whakamaumahara ki nga purapura o te reo I ruia, e Kui, e koro, ki a ratou hoki Whakawaiwai nei, kia tipu kia puawai
The beginning of the ladder to knowledge In remembrance of our Elders who planted the seeds of the language And to those who are watering the seeds, so that they may grow & blossom. Tupae Ruru

Te Karaka Wikispaces

Te Karaka -After School Workshop – Tuesday 10th August
Creative Commons
Something to think about when sharing with Web2


Objectives: - To build the Te Karaka Wikispaces - finding tools to make this job easier!!!
Multi Media- Movie Maker
Resources needed on the day:
-You will need 5-6 photos or video
-Movie maker downloaded
-Digital Camera
-Microphone if you have one
If you do not have Movie Maker - Please go to the following link
This link is in the content bar our wiki - www.ruapani2010.wikispaces.com
Movie Maker
Hands on - Let's Make a Movie - this page can be accessed from www.ruapani2010.wikispacs.com

Movie Maker -'How to'
Creative Commons - A brief explanation

ICT PD - Handy Links that you can explore at your own leisure untill my next visit
Interface - A source of information:
Tips and Tricks
20 Things to do with a Flip Video p.24
Mini Conference – Homegrown Online Resource
ICT PD Newsletter – We’re in it!!!
Check out the survey about Creative Commons.
Digital Citizenship – Part 2
Another useful tool in upskilling with ‘Digital Citizenship’

Wikispaces to check out
Virtual Visits with ‘learning’
Freeware Interactive Educational Games
Handy Tools:
digital Stories
60 second book reviews online - http://www.60secondrecap.com/

Te Karaka -After School Workshop – Tuesday 1st June
Ian Jukes - Understanding the 21st Century Learner
Digital Citizenship – An introduction to Digital Citizenship – ICT PD online
Digital Dossier
Video - 10 reasons to blog
More links to Video/Presentations http://rachelboyd.wikispaces.com/bloggingpresentations
How to add people so they can make posts – YAY

How to open comments up to everyone: - you must be the author to do this
Action Research - Blogs –
Find something to share with others:


In plain English
Blogger Tips and Tricks

Handy links for Blogging Safety Procedure
removing the navigation bar - http://rachelboyd.wikispaces.com/file/view/Pt+1+-Removing+the+nav+bar+in+blogger.pdf

15th May... Yes a Saturday, but as they say, anytime anywhere. After a great day yesterday I have thought about adding a few files for others to read, and discuss as examples for PD.

1. I wrote an article last year for Massey on the Interactive Whiteboard that i would like to share because it explains each individiuals journey and also gives some good references for anyone wanting some background for explaining why we must have these in our classrooms.

From Hammer to swis army knife... by Kim Nikora

Abstract This paper draws on current writings on the implementation of interactive whiteboards into classroom practice and research carried out in both the UK and U.S.A from 2004 -2008, evaluating the impact of interactive whiteboards for teaching and learning in schools. Both studies see interactive white boards as a tool for teaching, considering it a catalyst for change. Features of pedagogy and shifts in teacher practise are identified, clarifying what are the essential factors for teachers to make the most of their interactive white boards as an effective tool within their classrooms. Naysayers still concerned with the return to didactic forms of teaching must now be silenced by this research. This paper will also consider these findings with a view towards the New Zealand context and provide possible avenues for consideration by teachers when meeting the learning needs of all learners, but more specifically, that of Māori.
Keywords: Interactive whiteboards, teacher pedagogy, change, evaluation, Maori education

2. Examples of simple ways to link our PD this year into our Performance and appraisal processes. These along with the feedback discussed by Kathe yesterday will be great for us.

Appraisal Connections to this professional develop:

Two examples of paperwork that support his implementation and are included in teachers folders this year.


Teachers Only Day 9.00 – 12.30 Megan

Process and results from the day...
We will review our Reflective journal and post a personal achievement and one SMART goal for term 2.
- What does this look like? http://ruapani2010.wikispaces.com/Manutuke
Split into groups and brainstorm ‘What have I achieved with ICT?’ Come together and feed on. Keep it positive! ‘What do we REALLY want to do next?’ Come together and feed on. Reflect on whether your goal is a SMART goal.
Post individual goals onto wikispaces (Megan)
By the end of term 2 I will paste/upload and insert pictures onto childrens’ work within the blog.
By the end of Week 4 I will have learnt how to add comments to our blog
By the end of term 2 I will improve classroom writing process to support easy publishing on the blog
By the end of week 8 I will make and upload digital stories and of camp.
By the end of Week 4 I will have learnt how to add comments to our blog
By the end of term 2 I will have inserted videos onto the Rimu Blog
From today I will access the wikispace from a school computer. From week 8 I will have created an in-school process to make work ready for publishing to the wiki and blog (folders, camera & re-crafting)
By the 25th of October I will align photos to the relevant writing as I upload them to the wiki and blog.

Goal 2 ICT Action Plan – We will revisit the Te Karaka Action Plan and identify where to next as a team? Brainstorm ideas and pinpoint from the action plan where to next?
Long term Goals – Digital Stories of our school.
10:30 Morning tea and watch : http://www.ted.com/talks/ken_robinson_says_schools_kill_creativity.html
After watching the video, Is there anything else we would like to add to the brainstorm? Amend school action plan if goals have changed and make a note that this has been revisited.
11a.m. Review of current action plan, make amendments, set goals for Term 2
Share low level and high level reading.

Next Step towards High Level...
Show case of our school
Link to Blog
Current newsletter in PDF

This will be generated from the team brainstorm.National Standards connections. Success criteria for report writing. Add a library page. Salute to Te Karaka School...Digital Stories

Show case of student written work, two entries per term.

Success criteria online
· Interactive blogging on the topic
List topics and give responses to others
( could use schoolzone to keep this closed)
Writing on a topic
What I worry about...
What are you sure you don’t want to be as an adult.
Mentoring and commenting
· Peer assessment on art work.
· Go and comment on real life blog to find out more information or ask question and expert.

We will develop guidelines for commenting on posts and share with Whanau in the next panui.
Developed Guidelines:

Learn to give access and 10 minute Practise on posting on someone else’s blog.
(Still having difficulty doing this. We just can't click on comments and start to type! Any ideas?

Ideas gathered from reading’ Jonassen Reading ‘Meaningful learning with Technology

WIKI - Public domain
· Individual diaries (personal reflection)
· Opportunity for dialogue 2+ people
· Links to other websites, blogs and back
· GOOD STRUCTURE: archive in reverse order
· Book Reviews
· Active exchanges of ideas and critiques eg: DoC
· Posting observations and experiences
· Read and comment
· Ask questions of experts
· Larger community connections
· Collaborative learning spaces/jprojects
· Interconnectivity to others
· Open to adding on new information eg: Wikipedia
· NOTE: discerning users who evaluate and not blindly accept information as true
· Review and design materials
· IWB used as tool to take snapshots of learning
· Visit communities on lines such as juggling, wikijunior and whakapapa and e-books

Our action plan has been discussed and confirmed as schools personal directions for 2010:
The last two weeks I have:
  • Made a blog for the support centre
  • tutored the Study Support Centre teacher re; blogs
  • showed a teacher how to copy a word doc into their website
  • showed Kim cooltext
  • showed Kim picresize
  • checked that signed internet authorities are held for all students

Kia Ora Kim and Megan
Thanks for sending that e-learning message in your Panui, I thought I would paste it on this page so we can share at the next lead teachers. Sammi





We are focused this week on our students as digital learners... We all know they can work TV remotes from the age of 2 or even younger! They love technology, they live for technology and they learn with technology, so it is our responsibility as a learning community to utilise this teaching technique as much as possible. The World Wide Web is the interactive portal that can support in-class programmes from publishing writing to information research, basic fact practise and basic drill skill games at each individual child’s level. It can show and share the most current events visually and instantly. As long as we use this tool as a meaningful focus, teach our children to be discerning users and support good internet safety practises the world is literal their oyster.
We have all set goals which we will show case at our end of term parent evening. Something that we are all looking forward to! Otherwise if you can’t that wait, log on and follow our progress.
Te Karaka School goes live on the WWW!

Koka Valerie and Mrs Stewart work with Koka Sam as part of our Professional Development this year in ICT. We have set up a school wiki space and class Blogs to publish work from each room. As a community we can show case our tamariki and their work with pride. Check it out at:
Week 5, Term One 2010


A BUSY morning for all, with lots of great creations. We are on a roll and working towards a visual sympony for our parents at the end of the term... Here goes...
Principal reflections for this journey are set up on the following link: http://ruapanireflections.blogspot.com/
School Wiki and Blog training created our classroom blogs with the school wikispace as the central portal for further development later in the year: Take a look from this link:
Te Karaka Wikispace

here getting up to date with ICT (if thats possible!). Everything changes so much, but it's heaps of fun being on the learning train!
2 March
My goals for the next week are to:-
- Show Kim how to add photos and reduce the pixels as well as add cool text!
- Write reflective notes in my wiki and...
- talk the people in power into letting me buy a cool (and easy to use) video camera!

February Update: e-learning here we come! Goals and plans discussed and action plans begun at umbrella level for us. Welcome to Koka Sam, we are looking forward to working with you... na Kim

Monday 1 March 2010
After two sessions with Koka Sam we have our plan for the directions we will take this year. It has been difficult for us not to attend the conference in Rotorua as we have had our other kaupapa in the lime light and have had to meet with MOE... As our lead Teacher, I will be our link to the classrooms and support for myself and our other teachers. From the plan we have begun with two simple focuses:
1) blogging with our students to share their writing
2) a school wikispace to inform and share our kura's stories online for now and also historically once the year comes to an end.

My Goals:
By the end of week 2, term 2, I will have shown Kim google docs and shown staff an example of skyping.
By the end of week 2 of the autumn holidays I will have made reflective notes on the Ruapani2010 wikispace