Feedback from an awesome event in our own back yard...

Thank you to our organisers, coordintors and host school for a great day!
On a personal note, and after a 2 week break i am holding some specific ideas for my personal learning and for schoolwide development:
  • Inquiry learning: Great ideas for developing our own school modelling SAUCE: Trevor Bond and his website and one more of interest...
  • e-Portfolios: Rebecca reminded me that POWERPOINT is still a very viable tool for use with students and how to develop quick and effect portfolios that are controlled and owned by the student. A reminder to always have the camera, video and scanner handy!
  • PRESENTER: Nick Billowes: Making the links
    • immediacy changes the demand on learning
    • multi-tasking is a give in for digital natives
    • ubiquitous devices: tools to craft and manipulate the learning environment
    • reflection as a tool creates a campus of learning: What worked? What didn't?
    • SUCCESS is confident teachers as the coaching role: gained by PD, Time and Pedagogy in Inquiry
    • SUCCESS is a child that is passionate, uses ICT to answer their questions, give them focus and the freedom to do what they want.
    • Activity....learning....achievement....reflection
Kim Nikora